My Loved One Has Died.  What Do I Do Now?

Step 1

If your loved one is not at a hospital or other medical facility, you first need a legal pronouncement of death. If a doctor is not present, you'll need to call 911. If they were under hospice care, call the hospice nurse to come immediately.

Step 2

Call us at (973) 777-0949. Once your loved one has legally been pronounced by a doctor, we will come and bring them into our care. At this point we will have you schedule an appointment to meet with us and arrange the funeral or we can coordinate most details via phone and email.

Step 3

Notify close family, friends and employers, and arrange for the care of any dependents (including pets!)

Step 4

Complete and sign the necessary paperwork to allow us to go ahead with the cremation. Once the cremation is complete, you can schedule a time to pick up your loved ones ashes or arrange with us to have them delivered or mailed to you.